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MANORSHI Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies enclosed ultrasonic sensors, which are mainly used for reversing radar, liquid level detection, proximity switch, etc. Because of its good sealing, it can be used in dust and humid environment, so it is also called waterproof ultrasonic sensor.

The transducers consist of a metal housing with the integral metal diaphragm. They operate at resonance on the first harmonic overtone. The backs of these transducers are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.
Although it is constructed to be watertight, it is not recommended for use underwater.

The enclosed structure ultrasonic sensor is a transceiver. The main diameters are 10mm, 14mm, 16mm and 25mm. The frequency is 40KHz, 48Khz, 58khz, etc.

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Level Sensor Products

Image Product Name Model Dimension Construction Directivity SPL Using Method Details
// 2021 Hot Sale 4-20mA Customized Durable Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter Water Tank Level Probe Sensor MNS-RLSI701 View detail »
// LCD Display 4-20mA Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter Tank Level Sensor Water Quality Sensor MNL-05R3R24 View detail »
// MNS-MLSI601Magnetic Level Sensor High Precision Side Mount Float Boiler Water Magnetic Level Sensor Float Switch MNS-MLSI601 View detail »
// Ultrasonic Water Tank Liquid Depth Level Meter Sensor with Temperature Display MNS-ULSI501 View detail »
// 4-20ma RS485 Level Indicator Fuel Tank Level Meter High Temperature Liquid Level Sensor MNS-LSI404 View detail »
// 0-5v 4-20mA capacitance liquid level sensor acid level transmitter for special liquid MNS-LSI402 View detail »
// Low Cost Digital Light Column Display Water Level Recorder Indicator Controller for Storage Water Tank Reaction Kettle Quality MNS-LDP1401 View detail »
// Manorshi Low Cost 0-5meters Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor 4-20mA/0-5V/RS485 Non-contact Level Sensor for Liquid Level MUS-600 View detail »
// Manorshi 0-15meters Industrial Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Non-contact Waste Water Level Transmitter MUS-630 View detail »
// 4-20ma RS485 Level Indicator Fuel Tank Level Meter High Temperature Liquid Level Sensor MNS-LSI404 View detail »
// Manorshi Factory 0-8meters Industrial Ultrasonic Level Sensor Non-contact Level Sensor OEM ODM for Tank MUS-620 View detail »
// Wireless Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Online Data Intelligent Monitoring for Tank MUS-650 View detail »
// High Precision high frequency Radar Water Level Sensor Water Level Transmitter MNS-LSR View detail »
// Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Fuel Level Senor with 4-20mA MNS-ULSI501 View detail »
// Manorshi 3.5meters Ultrasonic Sensor Level Sensor Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor MUS-550 View detail »
// 0-5v 4-20mA Capacitance Liquid Level Sensor Acid Level Transmitter for Special Liquid MNS-LSI402 View detail »
// Water Liquid Level Sensor contact 4-20ma Level Transmitter Stainless Steel 5v 12v 24v Switch MNS-LSI401 View detail »

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