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Piezo active buzzer directly connected to the DC power supply can work, the advantage is high sound pressure, high sensitivity, power consumption, generally in 20ma below, not more than 100ma, good reliability, low power consumption, no circuit.It is mainly used in security, air conditioning, refrigerator, instrumentation, reversing radar, microwave oven , printer, copier, alarm, electronic toys, automotive electronics, telephones, timers, Audio equipment, cars, supermarket gating, and other electronic products. The monthly supply of 5 million buzzers, we have got the TS, IATF certification.

Image Details Model Dimension Rated Voltage Resonant Frequency SPL Current Operating Voltage
// View detail » MSPS42B 41.7 * 18mm 12VDC 3500±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤25mA 5~18VDC
// View detail » MSPS42A 41.8 * 16mm 12VDC 2800±500Hz ≥105dB@10cm ≤10mA 3~20VDC
// View detail » MSPS40C 40 * 20mm 12VDC 3000±500Hz ≥105dB@10cm ≤20mA 3~20VDC
// View detail » MSPS23A 23 * 10mm 12VDC 3500±500Hz ≥90dB@10cm ≤15mA 3~20VDC
// View detail » MSPS30H 29.5 * 24.5mm 24VDC 3500±500Hz ≥100dB@30cm ≤30mA 3~28VDC

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