Specializing in the production of buzzer, speaker, alarm, microphone,  acoustic component manufacture

Buzzer Series

The buzzer has small size, make sound, which is reflected in SMD buzzer. Widely used in medical equipment, security equipment,and electrical appliances.

Speaker Series

There are many types of speakers, such as mylar speakers, SMD speakers, headphone speakers, TV speakers, etc. Creating a feast for hearing .

Ultrasonic Sensors Series

Ultrasonic sensors play an indispensable role in the development of the Internet of things, which is reflected in its induction and ranging function.
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    Tax planning considers the tax implications of business decisions, usually with the goal of minimizing tax liability.
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Founded in 2001, Manorshi Electronics is one of the worldwide leading companies acoustic manufactures. We supply Piezo Buzzer and Transducers,SMD buzzer,Electro-magnetic Buzzers,Mechanical buzzer,Speakers,ultrasonic sensor and Piezo Elements, ect..

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  • In daily production and life, ultrasonic ranging sensors are mainly used in car reversing radar, robot automatic obstacle avoidance walking, construction sites, and some industrial sites such as liquid level, well depth, pipeline length and other occasions that require automatic non-contact ranging.

  • Ultrasonic sensors are sensors developed using the characteristics of ultrasound. Ultrasonic ranging sensors are sensors that convert ultrasonic signals into other energy signals (usually electrical signals). Ultrasound is a mechanical wave with a vibration frequency higher than 20kHz. It has the ch

  • The SMD buzzer can be called a signaling device found in electronics. Generally, SMD buzzers are used in home appliances and automobiles. It also consists of multiple switches and sensors connected to a control unit. Devices usually determine which control button is currently available. SMD buzzers

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