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Small piezo buzzer with high sound pressure

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Small piezo buzzer with high sound pressure

Our companys piezoelectric amplifiers are used to sound operation confirmation sounds and warning sounds in various electronic devices such as home appliances. The SPL(sound pressure level) is proportional to the shell size of the loudspeaker. Therefore, when a high sound pressure that is easy to hear is required, the shell size will be larger.


This product(MSPT13A40PA5V6) adopts frequency control technology. Despite its small size, it can still achieve the same sound pressure level as traditional medium-to-large-sized buzzers. Therefore, the miniaturization of components can be achieved without reducing the sound pressure level.



Small size and high sound pressure: successfully help to save the space of circuit boards



Product size: Φ12.6×7.0mm

Terminal spacing: 5.0mm

Sound pressure level: 82dB (typical value)

Frequency: 4.0kHz

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