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Piezoelectric ultrasonic horn sounds outside the hearing range of the human ear, that is, at frequencies above 20KHZ. Mainly used in driving birds, driving dogs, driving mice and other fields, through the TS, IATF and other certification. If necessary, please contact Amy:+86-519-89185720. or


How do ultrasonic sensors work?

How to use ultrasonic sensor with Arduino?

Image Product Name Model Dimension Construction Directivity SPL Sensitivity S/N Ratio Using Method Details
// Ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Sensor oxygen sensor module for Portable Oxygen Concentrator NL-PD10NF40 78.5*24*14.1 View detail »
// 10mm 40Khz Plastic Case Open type ultrasonic oxygen sensor for oxygen concentrator MSO-PT1040H07R 10 * 7mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB ≥-67dB 40±1.0KHz Transmitter&Receiver View detail »
// oxygen sensor displays with O2 oxygen sensor for Oxygen Concentration Flow measure medical oxygen sensor NL-PD10NF40-BL 120*22 mm View detail »
// Ultrasonic Oxygen concentration measurement sensor for oxygen sensor module oxygen purity sensor 10mm diameter open type MSO-P1040H07TR 10 * 7mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥105dB ≥-75dBV/μMbar 39±1.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module 16mm 40khz HC-SR04 45*20*15mm Open Type ≤30° 40±1.0KHz Transmitter&Receiver View detail »
// Car Parking Sensor for General Cars MS-T/R16401L ≥95dB (30cm/10Vrms Sine Wave) ≥-82dB/v/μ bar(0dB=V/Pa) 40KHz±1.5KHz View detail »
// 100db 40Khz Buzzer Alarm Car Parking Sensor System MS-T/R14406L ≥100dB ≥-82dB/v/μ bar(0dB=V/Pa) 40±1.5KHz View detail »
// Parking Sensor for Intelligent Parking Assist System MS-TR16405L X:110°±15 Y:60° ±10 ≥100dB (30cm/10Vrms Sine Wave) ≥-82dB/v/μ bar(0dB=V/Pa) 40KHz±1.5KHz View detail »
// High Frequency 165kHz Ultrasonic Sensor Water Level MSW-P20165H16TR--W 20 * 16MM Enclosed 14°±2°(-6dB) 165±5KHz Dual use View detail »
// 40khz Wire Type Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Transmitter And Receiver MSW-A1040H08TR 10 * 8MM Enclosed 70°±15° (-6dB) >=100dB >= -84dB 40±1.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 60khz Waterproof Transmitter And Receiver Ultrasonic Sensors MSW-A1060H08TR 10 * 8mm Enclosed 80°±15° ≥150mV 60±1.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Transducer Distance 5 Meters MSW-A2540H12TR 25 * 12MM Enclosed 30°±10° (-6dB) 110dB min -72dB min 40.0±1.0Khz Dual use View detail »
// 40khz Distance Measuring Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor MSW-A1840H12TR 18 * 12MM Enclosed 60°±15° (-6dB) ≥-75dB 40±0.5KHz Dual use View detail »
// Detect Ultrasonic Sensor Transmitter And Receiver for Intelligent Products MSW-A1640H10TR 16 * 10MM Enclosed 80±10° ≥150Mv 40±1.5KHz Dual use View detail »
// 58kHz Aluminum Enclosed Ultrasonic Sensor with Wires MSW-A1458H09TR-W 14 * 9MM Enclosed X:115°±15° Y:65°±15° ≥85dB (10mm/10Vrms sime wave) ≥150Mv 58±1.5KHz Dual use View detail »
// Wire Ultrasonic Sensor Waterproof Automatic Elevator Position Detection MSW-A1440H09TR-W 14 * 9MM Enclosed X:110°±15° Y:60°±15° 40±1.5KHz Dual use View detail »
// 40khz Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensors with Pins for Car Distance MSW-A1440H09TR 14 * 9MM Enclosed X:120°±15° Y: 70°±15° 40±1.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 40kHz Waterproof One B Ody Transmitter And Receiver Ultrasonic Sensor MSW-A1240H08TR 12 * 8mm Enclosed X:110°±15 Y:70° ±10 150 min 40±1.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 40khz Open Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter And Receiver MSO-A1240H09TR 12 * 9mm Open Type 70° Min.115 (30cm/10Vrms Sine Wave) 0dB=0.0002u bar Min. –75±3Db/V/μ bar(at 40Khz 0Db=1v/u bar) 40±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 200khz High Frequency Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor MSW-A12200H19TR--W 20*12MM Enclosed 30°±2° (-6dB) 200.0±8.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 125KHz High Frequency Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor MSW-P25125H25TR--W 25*25MM Enclosed 14°±2° (-6dB) 125.0±5.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 10mm 300khz High Frequency Ultrasonic Sensor Transducer MSW-P10300H08TR 10*8MM Enclosed 11°±2° (-6dB) 300.0±15.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 200kHz High Frequency Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor MSW-A18200H10TR 18.5*10.5MM Enclosed 7°±2° (-6dB) 200.0±8.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 175kHz high frequency Ultrasonic Transducers with MSW-A MSW-A27175H13TR--W 27*3.5MM Enclosed 7°±2°(-6dB) 175.0±5.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 100KHz High Frequency Ultrasonic Sensor Transducer MSW-A36100H17TR--W 36*17mm Enclosed 9°±2° (-6dB) 100.0±8.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 16mm Underwater Ultrasonic Transducer 40khz Generator MSO-P1640H12R 16*12mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥-68dBV/μMbar 39±1.0KHz Receiver View detail »
// 400khz high frequency ultrasonic printer sensor MSW-A11400H10TR 11 * 7MM Enclosed 7°±2° (-3dB) 400.0±16.0KHz Dual use View detail »
// 23khz Obstacle Detection Transmitter Ultrasonic Sensors MSO-A1623H12T 16*12mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥113dB 23±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// RT Split Air Ultrasonic Sensor 25KHz for for Mouse Repeller MSO-AT1625H12R 16 * 12mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥115dB ≥-65dB 24±1.0kHz Receiver View detail »
// 16mm Dog Repellent Ultrasonic Transducer 25khz Detect Sensor MSO-A1625H12T 16*25mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 115dB (0dB=0.02mPa) 25±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 40khz Open Type Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter And Receiver MSO-A1640H12TR 16 * 12mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥115dB min. ≥-68V/u Mbar 39±1.0KHz Transmitter&Receiver View detail »
// Piezoelectric Vibration Pressure Transducer MSO-P1640H12T 16*40mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥115dB 40±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// Transmitter And Receiver Open Type Ultrasonic Probe Black Sensor MSO-P1040H07TR 10 * 7mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥105dB ≥-75dBV/μMbar 39±1.0KHz Transmitter&Receiver View detail »
// 114db 40KHz Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer Ultrasonic Sensor MSO-AT1640H10R 16 * 10mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 110 min.dB 40±1.0KHz Receiver View detail »
// Ultrasonic Sensor / Probe For Drone Transmit MSO-AT1240H09R 12*9mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) Min.110 (30cm/10Vrms Sine Wave) 0dB=0.0002u bar 40±1.0kHz Transmitting and receiving View detail »
// 40khz Plastic Case Ultrasonic Transducer Long Distance Sensor MSO-PT1040H07R 10 * 7mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB ≥-67dB 40±1.0KHz Receiver View detail »
// 40khz Distance Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter MSO-A2540H14T 25 * 14mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 100dB min. -72dB min. 40±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 16 * 10MM Aluminum Case Ultrasonic Transmitter Sensor for Acoustic Levitator MSO-A1640H10T 16 * 10mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 110 min.dB 40±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 20khz 24mm Jammers Ultrasonic Sensor MSO-A2420H14T 24*14mm Open Type 80°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB 20±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// Sensor 40khz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducer for UAV MSO-PT1640H12R 16 * 12mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB ≥-67dB 40±1.0KHz Transimitter&Receiver View detail »
// 16mm*10mm 40kHz Ultrasonic Sensor for TR Transmitting And Receiving MSO-A1640H10TR 16*10mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 115 min.dB 40±1.0KHz Transmitter&Receiver View detail »
// 25khz 24mm Transmitter Ultrasonic Sensor with Pins for Jammer MSO-A2425H14T 25*14mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) 112dB min. 25±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// The New Tap 20khz Ultrasonic Jammers Sensor MSO-A1620H12T 16*12mm Open Type 60°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB 20±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 10mm 40kHz Ultrasonic Sensor for Measuring Distance MSO-A1040H07T 10*7mm Open Type 70°±15° (-6dB) ≥110dB 40±1.0KHz Transmitter View detail »
// 1MHz Waterproof Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor Water Flow Sensor MSW-A211MH10TR 21 * 10MM Enclosed 970±30 KHz Dual use View detail »

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