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Speakers is a very common electro acoustic components small power consumption, high sensitivity. It can be seen in audible electronic and electrical equipment. Used for smart phones, tablets, ultrabooks, wearable devices,carrying computer, portable computer, mobile phone,GSP, car audio, home appliances, computer, smart locks, tablet computer, reading pen, learning machine, telephone, etc.. Monthly supply of 5 million speakers, we got the ISO9001, IATF16949 and other certification.changzhou Cre-sound electronics can customize acoustic solutions to different customers’ requirements. If necessary, please contact contact Amy:+86-519-89185720. or 

Image Details Model Dimension Rated Power Impedance SPL Frequency Range Using Method Product Name
// View detail » MA5120N Min 90dB 2.5-60 KHz 51mm High Frequency Round Piezo Tweeter
// View detail » MA5120 Min 90dB 2.5-60 KHz Repellent Device Ultrasonic 20khz Annunciator Speaker
// View detail » MA4120 Min 100dB 25±5 KHz 20khz 41mm Piezo Tweeter Speaker with Temperature Sensor
// View detail » MA3825 Min 100dB 25~40khz(±5) KHz Ultrasonic Piezoelectric 25khz Buzzer For Pest Repeller
// View detail » MNC40N08A 20 * 40MM 1.0w ohm±15%Ω 86±3dB/W/M 25~40khz(±5) KHz 11.0*2.0 8ohm 2w Speaker Parts Notebook Speaker Unit
// View detail » MNY20N08A 0.25w 8ohm±15%Ω 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 Fo-20kHz NdFeB 20mm Frequency Range Mylar Oval Electronics Speaker with 8ohm 0.25W
// View detail » MNY30N08A 0.25w 8ohm±15%Ω 91±3dB/W/M Fo-6kHz NdFeB Aluminum Shell Internal Magnet Speaker 8ohm 0.5w 30mm Headphone Speaker
// View detail » MNY23N08AB 23 * 3.5MM 0.25w ohm±15%Ω 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 Fo-20kHz NdFeB Micro Speaker Component 4ohm 8ohm 0.25watt Speaker Driver Unit
// View detail » MNY36N08AB 0.25w ohm±15%Ω 91±3dB/W/M Fo-6kHz NdFeB 4 ohm mylar speaker 0.25watt multimedia round speaker 36mm
// View detail » MS1540A 0.5(0.8) 8±20% ohm 88±3 at 1k,1.6k,2k,3.2kHz, 0.1m0.5W fo~6000 8 Ohm Mini SMD Speaker 15*4.0mm For Big Headphones
// View detail » MNS13H041R8MW50 0.5w 8ohm±15%Ω 86±3dB/W/M Fo-20kHz 13mm Driver Unit 8 Ohm 0.5w Cable Speaker Mini Cellphone Speaker
// View detail » MRS1115H025R6T 1W(in 1cc box) 6±20% Ω /2.0KHz/2.45Vrms 93±3 dB SPL /2.45Vrms/10cm at 2KHz in 1cc box f0HZ ~20KHz 15mm Portable Internal Speaker for Mobile Phone

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