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Image Details Model Dimension Rated Power Impedance SPL Frequency Range Using Method Product Name
// View detail » MS1511BT-03 1W(in 1cc box) 6±20% Ω /2.0KHz/2.45Vrms 93±3 dB SPL /2.45Vrms/10cm at 2KHz in 1cc box f0HZ ~20KHz 15mm Portable Internal Speaker for Mobile Phone
// View detail » MA5120N Min 90dB 2.5-60 KHz 51mm High Frequency Round Piezo Tweeter
// View detail » MNY13N08A 0.5w 8ohm±15%Ω 86±3dB/W/M Fo-20kHz 13mm Driver Unit 8 Ohm 0.5w Cable Speaker Mini Cellphone Speaker
// View detail » MS1540A 0.5(0.8) 8±20% ohm 88±3 at 1k,1.6k,2k,3.2kHz, 0.1m0.5W fo~6000 8 Ohm Mini SMD Speaker 15*4.0mm For Big Headphones
// View detail » MA5120 Min 90dB 2.5-60 KHz Repellent Device Ultrasonic 20khz Annunciator Speaker
// View detail » MNY20N08A 0.25w 8ohm±15%Ω 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 Fo-20kHz NdFeB 20mm Frequency Range Mylar Oval Electronics Speaker with 8ohm 0.25W
// View detail » MA4120 Min 100dB 25±5 KHz 20khz 41mm Piezo Tweeter Speaker with Temperature Sensor
// View detail » MNY30N08A 0.25w 8ohm±15%Ω 91±3dB/W/M Fo-6kHz NdFeB Aluminum Shell Internal Magnet Speaker 8ohm 0.5w 30mm Headphone Speaker
// View detail » MA3825 Min 100dB 25~40khz(±5) KHz Ultrasonic Piezoelectric 25khz Buzzer For Pest Repeller
// View detail » MNY23N08AB 23 * 3.5MM 0.25w ohm±15%Ω 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 Fo-20kHz NdFeB Micro Speaker Component 4ohm 8ohm 0.25watt Speaker Driver Unit
// View detail » MNC40N08A 20 * 40MM 1.0w ohm±15%Ω 86±3dB/W/M 25~40khz(±5) KHz 11.0*2.0 8ohm 2w Speaker Parts Notebook Speaker Unit
// View detail » MNY36N08AB 0.25w ohm±15%Ω 91±3dB/W/M Fo-6kHz NdFeB 4 ohm mylar speaker 0.25watt multimedia round speaker 36mm

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