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15mm Portable Internal Speaker for Mobile Phone

  • MRS1115H025R6T
  • 6±20% Ω /2.0KHz/2.45Vrms
  • 1W(in 1cc box)
  • 93±3 dB SPL /2.45Vrms/10cm at 2KHz in 1cc box
  • f0HZ ~20KHz


Rated Input Power1W(in 1cc box)
Max Input Power1.2W (in 1cc box)
Rated Impedance6±20% Ω /2.0KHz/2.45Vrms
Coil resistance5±20% Ω
Resonance Frequency(f0)

650±20% Hz in free air at 1.0Vrms/10cm.

950±20% Hz while testing in 1cc box at 2.45Vrms/10cm

Sound Pressure Level93±3 dB SPL /2.45Vrms/10cm at 2KHz in 1cc box
Frequency Rangef0HZ ~20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion≤10%@1KHz, 2.45Vrms/10cm (in 1cc box) As shown in fig(3)
Flux Density0.4T
PolarityWhen a positive DC Current is applied to the voice coil terminal marked +or red ,the diaphragm shall move forward
Operation TestMust be normal at sine wave and program source 1W.(in 1cc box)
Buzz, Rattle, etc.Must be free audible noise (buzzes and rattles)(200Hz 2KHz frequency range ,input level up to 2.45Vrms, while testing in 1cc box.)
AppearanceShould not exist any obstacle to be harmful to normal operation; damages, cracks, rusts and distortions, etc.
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Operation temperature-20℃~+70℃

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