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Image Product Name Model Dimension Rated Voltage Frequency SPL Current Operating Voltage Details
// 6 * 2.7mm Cylinder Shaped SMD SMT Electret Condenser Microphone ME60H27 6*2.7mm 100dB 1~10V View detail »
// High sensitivity smallest component electret condenser microphone ME60H50 6*5mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// Small 3V Piezo Alarm Sound Buzzer MSET09G 9.6 * 5mm 3V 2700±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤60mA 2-4V View detail »
// 1.5V 2950Hz 90dB Electromagnetic Buzzer MSET09H 9.6 * 6.5 mm 1.5 V 2950Hz ≥90dB MAX. 90 mA 1~2V View detail »
// 6mm x 3.5mm 2 Wire MIC Capsule Electret Condenser Microphone ME60H35 6*3.5mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// Omnidirectional Electrect Condenser Microphone Capsule ME60H22 6*2.2mm 100dB 1~10V View detail »
// 4 * 1.5mm Electret Condenser Microphone MIC Capsule 2 Leads ME40H15-W 4*1.5mm 115dB 1~10V View detail »
// 9.7 * 4.5 mm microphone ME97H45 9.7*4.5mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// 9.7 * 6.7mm Microphone ME97H67 9.7*6.7mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// 4 * 1.3mm Microphone SMTE40H13 4*1.3mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// 9.4 * 6.5mm Microphone ME94H65 9.4*6.5mm 110dB 1~10V View detail »
// 3V 5V 12V 85dB Active Buzzer Magnetic Alarm Buzzer MSES12A 12 * 7.5mm 3VDC 2700±300Hz ≥87dB@10cm ≤30mA 1.5~4VDC View detail »
// 12v 70db Mechanical Buzzer with Pin MSMX23A 23 * 14mm 12VDC 400±100Hz ≥75dB@10cm ≤25mA 8~15VDC View detail »
// 1.5V Electronic Magnetic Passive Sound Transducers Buzzer MSET09A 9 * 4mm 1.5Vp-p 2730±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤80mA 1~2Vp-p View detail »
// 3V 5V 2.5khz 85dB Magnetic Buzzer Used For Door Bell Security MSES12C 12 * 9.5mm 5VDC 2500±200Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤30mA 4~8VDC View detail »
// 2700Hz 1.5v Magnetic Buzzer with Remote Control MSET09B 9 * 5mm 3Vp-p 2730±500Hz ≥87dB@10cm ≤70mA 2~4Vp-p View detail »
// 23mm 80dB 110v Mechanical Piezo Buzzer for Food Machine MSMX23B 22.8*17.8mm 120VDC 50±12Hz ≥80dB@10cm ≤40mA View detail »
// 1.5V 80dB 85dB Separate PCB Magnetic Buzzer MSES12D 12 * 8.5mm 1.5VDC 2048±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤30mA 1~2VDC View detail »
// 400hz 1.5v 20mA Mechanical Buzzer for Rat Control Device MSMX33A 23 * 17MM 1.5VDC 400±100Hz ≥70dB@20cm ≤20mA 1.3~2VDC View detail »
// 1.5v Side Hole Magnetic Buzzer 3v Electromagnetic Buzzer MSET09C 9 * 4mm 3Vo-p 2731±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤90mA 2.5~4.2Vp-p View detail »
// 3V 6V 9V 12V 24V 85dB Mechanical Buzzer For Mouse Repeller MSMX26A 26 * 17.7mm 12VDC 400±100Hz ≥75dB@20cm ≤30mA 8~15VDC View detail »
// 1.5V 3V 5V 2371Hz 9650 Lateral Sound Electromagnetic Patch Buzzer MSET10A 9.6 *5mm 5Vo-p 2731±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤80mA 4~7Vp-p View detail »
// 6V 400Hz Low Frequency Single Tone Mechanical Buzzer MSMX40A 26 * 19.5mm 6VDC 400±100Hz ≥95dB@10cm ≤65mA 4~8VDC View detail »
// 1.5V Small Magnetic Buzzer Electric Bell Warning Transducer MSET10C 9.6 *5mm 1.5Vp-p 2730±500Hz ≥86dB@10cm ≤80mA 1~2Vp-p View detail »
// 1.5V 5V 12V 85dB Split Magnetic Buzzer MSET12A 11.8 * 9mm 5Vp-p 2000±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤50mA 3~7Vp-p View detail »
// 12V 250mA Mechanical Buzzer Sound Alarm Signal Geber MSMX50X10S 27.2 * 16.1mm 12VAC 100±20Hz ≥90dB@10cm ≤250mA 8-16VAC View detail »
// 1.5V V 70dB 80dB Low Voltage Split Magnetic Buzzer MSET12B 12 * 7.5mm 1.5Vp-p 2048±500Hz ≥70dB@10cm ≤70mA 1~2Vp-p View detail »
// 1.5V 70dB 75dB Electronic Magnetic Passive Sound Transducers Buzzer MSET12C 12 * 5.4mm 3Vp-p 2048±500Hz ≥75dB@10cm ≤30mA 1.5~3Vp-p View detail »
// 1.5v 85dbpassive Electronic Magnetic Buzzer MSET12D 12 * 8.5mm 1.5Vp-p 2400±300Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤30mA 3~5Vp-p View detail »
// 1.5V 6V 12V 80dB 85dB Alarm Magnetic Ac Buzzer MSET16A 16 * 14mm 6Vp-p 2048±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤40mA 4~8Vp-p View detail »