Ultrasonic Sensor

Leading Car Parking Sensor Manufacturer

Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies car parking sensors, which are used for reversing radar. It is a parking aid device composed of our ultrasonic sensor, controller, buzzer, and other parts.

The system adopts the principle of ultrasonic ranging. The probe installed on the rear bumper sends the ultrasonic wave and reflects the sound wave after hitting the obstacle. When encountering an obstacle, the echo signal is generated. After the sensor receives the echo signal, the controller performs data processing and judges the position of the obstacle. The display displays the distance and sends other warning signals to get a timely warning.

Manorshi's car parking sensors include encapsulated ultrasonic sensors in addition to enclosed ultrasonic sensors. Encapsulated sensors have different sizes of housings, which are suitable for different cars. The frequency is mainly 40KHz, 48Khz, and 58khz.

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