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  • Due to the influence of COVID-19, "body temperature measurement" is already a daily need of people. Therefore, the forehead thermometer is another popular product after masks, alcohol, disinfection water and other epidemic prevention materials.The circuit of the forehead gun is relatively simple. It


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  • Buzzers can be divided into piezo buzzers, magnetic buzzers and mechanical buzzers. This is classified according to how the buzzer works. Active buzzers can be used for different purposes, such as alarm clocks or timers. It can also be used for home appliances. The active buzzer market has rapid


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  • There are two types of piezo buzzer, active buzzer and passive buzzer, each with its advantages. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using an active buzzer.


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  • Piezo buzzers are also known as piezoelectric materials, and their shape can change, especially when exposed to various electric fields. A piezo buzzer material has an atom. The atom usually has a central nucleus made of multiple neutral charges, such as the positive charges. These charges are calle


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  • The working principle of traditional magnetic active buzzer is electromagnetic induction. The active buzzer has its own oscillation circuit, and the customer only needs to use DC voltage.The working principle of the IC magnetic buzzer is that the chip oscillates a square wave signal with a fixed fre


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  • A piezo buzzer refers to an electronic device that is commonly used in various field fields to produce sound. For example, the buzzer in question is frequently found in call bells, computer systems, and in vehicles as reversing indicators, among various other areas. There are two types of piezo bu


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  • Structure of piezoelectric diaphragmThe piezoelectric sound element must have a piezoelectric diaphragm.This is a simple structure in which a piezoelectric ceramic adheres to brass or nickel alloy metal plate.Mechanism of producing sound for piezo diaphragmsWhen a voltage is applied to the piezoelec


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  • The soldering temperature and soldering time of the buzzer will directly affect the deformation coefficient of the buzzer, thus affecting the buzzer sound. May cause the buzzer sound to become small, no sound, hoarseness, etc.In order to avoid the above problems, we hope that customers can refer to


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  • Working Principle of Piezo buzzerThe piezo buzzers use piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric materials create electricity when stress is applied, and become stressed when electricity is applied.The piezo element is to stick the piezoelectric material on the metal sheet. When an alternating voltage


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  • In the next few years, the global market for piezo buzzer materials is expected to expand. According to researchers, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is estimated at 0.4%. This work should be registered within the next four years. The piezo buzzer component industry recently released a market


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