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Image Details Model Dimension Construction Voltage dB/M Sound Directivity Product Name
// View detail » ASL122A 9-15V DC 110+/- (dB) 300Max 12v Outdoor Strobe Siren Police Buzzer
// View detail » ASR70A 15W DC12-24V 102dB 300mA 12V Universal Car Truck Backup Reverse Beeper Warning Alarm
// View detail » ASR70B 15W DC 12-80V 105dB±3dB Beep-Beep Sound 250mA DC 12V 24V 105db Alarm Piezoelecric Buzzer Reversing for Car Backup Alarm Siren
// View detail » 20/25/30W DC 6-15V 115/120/125dB 1 OR 2 TONE,MELODIC 600/800/1200mA DC 6V 12V Electronic Siren Car Warning Alarm Police Fire Siren Speaker 30w
// View detail » ASS80A 15/20W DC 6-15V 110/115/120dB 1 OR 6 TONE 600/1200mA 1 Or 6 Sound Tone Loudspeaker Horn for 115db Siren
// View detail » ASS73A 15/20/25W DC 6-15V 110/115/120dB 1 OR 6 TONE, MELODIC 600/800/1200mA 110dB 120dB 12v 24v Car Warning Alarm Siren for Car Security System
// View detail » ASS88A 15/20/25W DC 6-15V 113/118 dB 1 OR 6 TONE, MELODIC 600/800/1200mA High Decibel Alarm Piezo Buzzer Siren Alarm 120 Decibels
// View detail » ASS133A 25/30W DC 6-15V 125dB TRUCK AIR HORN 1200/1500mA 4 Sound Loud Horn Car Warning Alarm Police Fire Siren PA Speaker
// View detail » ASS70A 15/20W DC 6-15V 113/118dB 1 OR 6 TONE/MELODIC 600/1200mA DC 6 - 15V Soft Chirp Directed Electronics Siren
// View detail » ASP62A 10W/15W DC 6-15V/24V 110 1 OR 6 TONE,MELODIC 150mA 110db Car Alarm Buzzer Siren 12v
// View detail » ASP58A 10W DC 6-15V/24V 105 dB 1 OR 6-TONE, MELODIC 120mA Alarm Siren DC 105dB Piezo Buzzer 24V 220V
// View detail » ASP75A 10W DC 6-15V/24V 108 1 OR 6 TONE 150mA Waterproof Security Alarm 108db 6 Tone Car Alarm Siren Car Alarm
// View detail » ASP39A DC 6-15V 110±3dB 1 TONE ≤200mA Mini Piezo Alarm 105DB 12VDC Warble Tone Siren
// View detail » ASP54A 6~12V 105 1 TONE 150~180mA 105db Piezo Fire Strobe Siren with Wire
// View detail » ASP85A 10W DC 6--15V/24V 110/115dB 1 OR 6 TONE,MELODIC 150mA 2.6kHZ 115db High Decibel Alarm Siren
// View detail » ASP59A 10W DC 6-15V/24V 105 1 OR 6 TONE 120mA Black 10w Motorcycle Police Siren
// View detail » ASP69A 10W/15W DC 6-15V/24V 105/110 1 OR 6 TONE 150mA Home Security System Burglar Alarm Siren
// View detail » ASP45A 10W DC 6-15V/24V 105 1 OR 6 TONE,NELODIC 120mA 105dB Piezo Federal Signal Siren with Wire

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