Ultrasonic Sensor

Leading High Frequency Ultrasonic Sensor Manufacturer

MANORSHI Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies high-frequency ultrasonic sensors, which are also called SML type transducers. The sealed matching layer type transducers are designed especially for factory automation and level measurements, which include two major matching layer materials, Silicone Rubber and Glass Filled Resin. We usually use Glass Filled Resin. In addition, our customers also use it for deviation corrector, anemometers, liquid level meters, etc.

The transducers consist of a metal housing with the integral metal diaphragm. They operate at resonance on the first harmonic overtone. The backs of these transducers are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.
Although it is constructed to be watertight, it is not recommended for use underwater.

The high-frequency ultrasonic sensor is a transceiver. Our main frequency is 100kHz, 125kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz, 400kHz and etc, the measuring distances are from a few centimeters up to around 20 meters.

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