Buzzers are commonly used as piezo buzzers and magnetic buzzers. Compared to piezo buzzers (12~220 V,<20 mA), the magnetic buzzer operates at lower voltages and higher currents (1.5 to 12 V, > 20 mA). Piezo buzzers typically have a greater maximum sound pressure level (SPL) than magnetic buzzers.In a magnetic buzzer, a current is driven through a coil of wire which produces a magnetic field. A flexible ferromagnetic disk is attracted to the coil when the current is present and returns to a "rest" position when the current is not flowing through the coil. The sound from a magnetic buzzer is produced by the movement of the ferromagnetic disk in a similar manner to how the cone in a speaker produces sound. A magnetic buzzer is a current driven device, but the power source is typically a voltage. The current through the coil is determined by the applied voltage and the impedance of the coil

Image Details Model Dimension Rated Voltage Resonant Frequency SPL Current Operating Voltage
// View detail » MSET06A 6.7 * 3.6 mm 1.5 V 3100Hz ≥70dB ≤150mA 1.5V
// View detail » MSET25A 25 * 12.5 mm 12 V 800-1000Hz ≥85dB MAX. 55 mA 8-14 V
// View detail » MSET09H 9.6 * 6.5 mm 1.5 V 2950Hz ≥90dB MAX. 90 mA 1~2V
// View detail » MSES12A 12 * 7.5mm 3VDC 2700±300Hz ≥87dB@10cm ≤30mA 1.5~4VDC
// View detail » MSES12C 12 * 9.5mm 3VDC 2500±200Hz ≥80dB@10cm ≤30mA 1.5~5VDC
// View detail » MSES12D 12 * 8.5mm 1.5VDC 2048±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤30mA 1~2VDC

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