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Why choose an active buzzer

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    A piezo buzzer is an electronic component that is commonly used for the sound of various products. For example, in cars, a buzzer is used as a back-up indicator. There are two types of piezo buzzer, active buzzer and passive buzzer, each with its advantages. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using an active buzzer. 


    Sound quality is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a buzzer. The active buzzer tone is relatively loud due to its higher sound pressure, making it more reliable. Consequently, it is suitable for providing alerts in other purposes. For example, when used as a ringtone for a call, it is loud enough to alert the phone owner that they have a call.


    In contrast, active buzzers are more sensitive. The active buzzer is easier to be triggered and makes a sound, which makes it more effective. Therefore, the active buzzer is more suitable for use in areas that require instant alerts. For example, they are suitable for making bells. 


    The power consumption rate is one of the main factors determining the operating cost of the buzzer. For how to make a piezo buzzer work at minimal cost, you need to consider its power consumption rate. The active buzzer has low power consumption and therefore lower operating costs. Therefore, it becomes more advantageous due to its affordability.


    Compared to other types of buzzers, piezo active buzzers are very reliable because they require less power to operate. Therefore, the active buzzer will rarely applaud because of insufficient power. Moreover, it is easy to maintain. Therefore, it becomes more reliable to use in various fields. 


    The active buzzer does not require a buzzer circuit and is easy to operate. A passive buzzer is different. A passive buzzer requires a square wave frequency between 2K and 5k to work, while an active buzzer only needs to be powered to sound. This is because the active buzzer has a built-in oscillation source, so turning it off is just as easy. For various uses, the significance is even greater. 


    Compared to other types of buzzers, active buzzers are relatively more expensive per unit, but they consume less power. As a result, customers need less electricity than passive buzzers. And because no technicians are needed, the maintenance costs required for an active buzzer are relatively low. Therefore, compared with other buzzers, the active buzzer requires lower operational cost, so it is more economical. 


    The buzzer has a wide range of applications. Different applications require different sized buzzers. Active buzzers on the market come in different sizes, making them more suitable for different devices and different uses. Therefore, the active buzzer can better meet the needs of customers. 


Due to its many advantages, active piezoelectric buzzers are often used in many devices. Such as gas alarms, burglar alarms, microwave ovens, toys, air conditioners and automotive equipment. It can be used efficiently in all devices. Therefore, the wide application shows the reliability of the buzzer. 


     In short, there are many reasons to choose an active buzzer. Active buzzers are relatively cheap, have a wide range of applications, are available in a variety of sizes, require only low operating and maintenance costs, and are very reliable. The structure of the product is simple and easy to use and connect. In addition, due to its high sensitivity and high sound pressure, it is suitable for use in many fields. Therefore, if you are using a piezoelectric buzzer, consider using an active buzzer and enjoy the benefits discussed in this article

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