SMD buzzer refers to the buzzer of the plastic shell, appearance, and size of smaller, roll tape packaging, the pin can be flat to the PCB, patch type package is a relativeto plug-in type is another form of packaging of the buzzer.  The  product  has  the  advantages  of  small  size,  lightweight,  sound clear.It's widely used in small electronic equipment, such as MP4,bluetooth,reverse sensor, medical instruments, toys camerasand auido DVD,water dispenser and so on.we can also do custom active piezo buzzer,passive piezo buzzer or magnetic buzzer for our customer.

Image Details Model Dimension Rated Voltage Resonant Frequency SPL Current Operating Voltage
// View detail » SM12PT03A 12 * 12 *3mm 3Vp-p 4000±500Hz ≥75dB@10cm ≤5mA 1~20Vp-p
// View detail » SM13PT02A 13 * 2.5mm 5Vp-p 4000±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤3mA 1~25Vp-p
// View detail » SM13ES10A 12.8 * 12.8 * 10mm 5VDC 2400±500Hz ≥85dB@10cm ≤30mA 4~7Vp-p
// View detail » SM16PT02A 16 * 16 * 2.5mm 3Vp-p 4000±500Hz ≥70dB@10cm ≤2mA 1~20Vp-p
// View detail » SM17PS06A 17 * 6mm 5Vp-p 4000±500Hz ≥ 85dB@10cm ≤3mA 1~20Vp-p

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