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MANORSHI Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies enclosed ultrasonic sensors, which are mainly used for reversing radar, liquid level detection, proximity switch, etc. Because of its good sealing, it can be used in dust and humid environment, so it is also called waterproof ultrasonic sensor.

The transducers consist of a metal housing with the integral metal diaphragm. They operate at resonance on the first harmonic overtone. The backs of these transducers are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.
Although it is constructed to be watertight, it is not recommended for use underwater.

The enclosed structure ultrasonic sensor is a transceiver. The main diameters are 10mm, 14mm, 16mm and 25mm. The frequency is 40KHz, 48Khz, 58khz, etc.

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Mylar Speaker Products

Image Product Name Model Dimension Construction Directivity SPL Using Method Details
// 8ohm 2w Speaker Parts Notebook Speaker Unit MNC40N08A 20 * 40MM 86±3dB/W/M 11.0*2.0 View detail »
// 20mm Frequency Range Mylar Oval Electronics Speaker with 8ohm 0.25W MNY20N08A 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 NdFeB View detail »
// Aluminum Shell Internal Magnet Speaker 8ohm 0.5w 30mm Headphone Speaker MNY30N08A 91±3dB/W/M NdFeB View detail »
// Micro Speaker Component 4ohm 8ohm 0.25watt Speaker Driver Unit MNY23N08AB 23 * 3.5MM 87±3dB/0.1W/0.1 NdFeB View detail »
// 4 ohm mylar speaker 0.25watt multimedia round speaker 36mm MNY36N08AB 91±3dB/W/M NdFeB View detail »
// 13mm Driver Unit 8 Ohm 0.5w Cable Speaker Mini Cellphone Speaker MNS13H041R8MW50 86±3dB/W/M View detail »