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MANORSHI Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies enclosed ultrasonic sensors, which are mainly used for reversing radar, liquid level detection, proximity switch, etc. Because of its good sealing, it can be used in dust and humid environment, so it is also called waterproof ultrasonic sensor.

The transducers consist of a metal housing with the integral metal diaphragm. They operate at resonance on the first harmonic overtone. The backs of these transducers are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.
Although it is constructed to be watertight, it is not recommended for use underwater.

The enclosed structure ultrasonic sensor is a transceiver. The main diameters are 10mm, 14mm, 16mm and 25mm. The frequency is 40KHz, 48Khz, 58khz, etc.

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Mechanical Buzzer Products

Image Product Name Model Dimension Construction Directivity SPL Using Method Details
// 12v 70db Mechanical Buzzer with Pin MSMX23A 23 * 14mm ≥75dB@10cm View detail »
// 23mm 80dB 110v Mechanical Piezo Buzzer for Food Machine MSMX23B 22.8*17.8mm ≥80dB@10cm View detail »
// 400hz 1.5v 20mA Mechanical Buzzer for Rat Control Device MSMX33A 23 * 17MM ≥70dB@20cm View detail »
// 3V 6V 9V 12V 24V 85dB Mechanical Buzzer For Mouse Repeller MSMX26A 26 * 17.7mm ≥75dB@20cm View detail »
// 6V 400Hz Low Frequency Single Tone Mechanical Buzzer MSMX40A 26 * 19.5mm ≥95dB@10cm View detail »
// 12V 250mA Mechanical Buzzer Sound Alarm Signal Geber MSMX50X10S 27.2 * 16.1mm ≥90dB@10cm View detail »