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India "hypoxia", emergency purchasing Chinese oxygen generators, full quantities of oxygen sensor to help fight epidemic

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India's epidemic prevention and control has failed, extremely "hypoxia"

The second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic hit, India's epidemic prevention and control was almost "fallen". India's medical system was overwhelmed, and medical oxygen was exhausted. Every day at least 20 COVID-19 patients died due to insufficient oxygen supply. In order to alleviate the "hypoxia" problem, India "Business Standard" revealed that the founders of some domestic startups in India launched the "Oxygen Mission" plan to import oxygen generators.

Oxygen therapy requires medical oxygen

Medical oxygen generators and medical ventilators are particularly important for patients with respiratory system diseases, especially those with difficulty breathing. They can assist patients with respiratory system or lung diseases at any time, and can quickly and easily absorb oxygen into the blood when needed Recover as soon as possible. New coronary pneumonia is hypoxemia, effective oxygen therapy is the most important means to treat new coronary pneumonia. The oxygen generator needs to use an oxygen sensor or an oxygen sensor module in the oxygen production process. Compared with the industrial type, medical equipment has strict requirements for oxygen sensors, and the technical threshold is very high, which discourages domestic manufacturers. This market has long been monopolized by foreign manufacturers.

Full range oxygen sensor

As a leading domestic smart sensor company, Manorshi Electronics took the lead in breaking the foreign monopoly and manufactured a sensor module that specifically detects oxygen concentration: NL-PD10NF40 full-range oxygen sensor. The product adopts a molded body design, which can achieve a full range detection of 0-100% concentration, has good zero point stability, could quickly respond to changes in oxygen concentration, has good anti-interference, high accuracy, Long life and other characteristics. Its performance fully meets the needs of medical equipment, comparable to the quality of international first-line products, and can fully realize import substitution. It has been professionally and accurately calibrated and temperature compensated before leaving the factory. At the same time, NL-PD10NF40 is more cost-effective than imported products, and provides excellent quality while saving costs. The NL-PD10NF40 medical oxygen module can be used in oxygen generators, ventilators, anesthesia equipment and other medical equipment to measure the oxygen concentration in the breathing gas mixture, which can effectively protect the safety of oxygen inhalation of patients. It is an oxygen generator and ventilator company Ideal choice.

Full range oxygen sensor advantage

Ultrasonic sensor module NL-PD10NF40


o    Simultaneous measurement of oxygen concentration and flow

o    0~100% concentration full range

o    Automatic temperature compensation

o    Meet ROHS certification requirements

o    Small size, more flexible application

o    Long-term use, lifetime calibration-free




Concentration   measurement 


Concentration   resolution


Concentration   detection accuracy

 ±1.8% FS@(5~55°C)

Flow   detection range


Flow   detection accuracy

±0.2L/min@   (5~55°C)

Digital   output


Operating   Voltage

5V   or 12V optional

communication   method

Blind   or inquiries (default blind)

Detection   cycle


Oxygen   requirement

No   corrosion, no condensation

Operating   temperature


Storage   temperature


Relative   humidity

0~99%   (non-condensing)

Working   current


Intake   direction

Press   the arrow to indicate

Ultrasonic sensor module NL-PD10NF40 specifications1

Ultrasonic sensor module NL-PD10NF40 specifications2

Ultrasonic sensor MSO-P1040H07T


o    Open Typeand fission use

o    Compact and light weight.

o    High sensitivity and sound pressure

o    Less power consumption

o    High reliability




Center   frequency





-65dB Min

Free Capacitance




Measure   distance


Operating   Temperature


Storage   Temperature




Angle of   sound(-6dB)




Driving   voltage(RMS)


Ultrasonic sensor MSO-P1040H07T specifications

Please refer to the official data sheet for the above functions and specifications. For more information, please contact

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