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Is a piezo buzzer the best buzzer?

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    You should know that a piezo buzzer is a useful signaling device. However, it is not a speaker. The machine can be electromechanical or mechanical. Manorshi is known for producing piezo buzzers. Piezo buzzers are currently available in various configurations (different sizes, different performances). These buzzers can be used in a variety of applications. For example, piezo buzzers can be used for medical devices sound. It can also make a loud siren. In this article, we analyze the characteristics of a piezo buzzer. We will also take you through a range of applications for piezo buzzers and why it is your best choice.


    Piezo buzzer is a reasonable and reliable product. It can be used to generate some form of alert sound. Usually in electronic circuits, the buzzer contains an oscillator and a ceramic disk. Current flows into the piezo element, causing it to bend. After bending, some air is pushed, which produces a louder sound. Since the piezo buzzer has an oscillator, you need a DC power supply. But if you need low frequency, magnetic buzzer should be your best choice. In the next paragraph, you will learn more about the application of piezo buzzers in different industries.



Min. Sound Output at 10cm (dB)


Rated Voltage VDC


Operating Voltage VDC


Resonant Frequency (Hz)


Max. Current Consumption (mA)


Tone Nature


Operating Temperature (C)


Storage Temperature (C)


Weight (g)


    Piezo buzzers are commonly used in automobiles and can also be used in clinical diagnostic equipment. This buzzer includes a self-driven unit with an indicator and an external drive unit that allow the user to create a personal sound pattern. At this stage, regardless of whether the buzzer is suitable for various installation methods, your manufacturer should provide you with equipment that meets your conditions.

    When browsing our products, you will find a wide range of piezo buzzers that can be ordered in the catalog. Our buzzer has high sound pressure and reliable performance. Therefore, we were selected by some international brands to supply them with piezo buzzers. Although we may not mention these brands in this blog post, you should know that most of these companies give us excellent reviews for the superior performance of our piezo buzzers.

    There are many applications for piezo buzzers. For new users, they can be used as alerts to remind users. Because the buzzer generates sound based on voltage changes, it is important for users to understand the factors that affect the operation of the device. When an electric current is applied to the piezoelectric material of the piezo buzzer, it becomes active and then generates sound.

    Piezo buzzer is a unique sound element. Although they do not have any magnetic fields or coils, they can be used in a variety of applications. Compared with other types of buzzers, the size and composition of piezo buzzers have changed. Piezo buzzers also have a wide range of operating voltages.