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Learn about piezo element and its applications

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    A piezo element is an alternative electronic component that can be adapted to different fields by changing its size. In general, the frequency of vibration of a piezoelectric element depends on the magnitude of the input current, which plays a role in the process of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is determined by the physical composition and shape of a given material.  




Rated Voltage



Operating Voltage



*Rated Current


                               Max .15

*.Sound Output at10cm


Min .85

*Resonant Frequency



Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


    Acoustic piezoelectric devices are now in great demand because they have multiple uses in every aspect. Piezo buzzers are such a wide range of acoustic piezoelectric components. It is especially used for alarm equipment, which can provide clear sound. If you are a user who needs an alert device, this is definitely your best choice. Not only is it reasonably priced, it also offers an expanded range of uses.


    The sound quality of the piezoelectric buzzer is absolutely qualified and excellent. This is especially true for piezo buzzers designed and manufactured by professionals. As a buyer of this electronic acoustic component, you need to carefully study some key features of the product before purchasing. Frequency is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of high-quality piezoelectric components. The perfect frequency is the main factor for the sound pressure generated by the buzzer. This means that the plastic case and piezoelectric bender should have matching frequencies.

    Tone is the second characteristic to consider when purchasing a piezoelectric buzzer. The tonal nature of the device can take many forms, such as continuous or pulsed. Of course, in other buzzer series, we will also explore other types. In short, when it comes to the sound of the buzzer, your preference should determine your choice.

    We should also consider the shell of the buzzer. You need to review and understand the materials used as the buzzer housing. Different materials have different characteristics. It should be durable enough to withstand pressure from different environments. At the same time, you need to consider how to install the piezoelectric buzzer. The correct installation configuration can ensure excellent sound transmission.The material of the buzzer shell is mainly plastic, including LCP, ABS, PBS, PBT, PPO, PVC, etc. Afterwards, our company will have related articles in this regard for your reference.

    Over the years, continuous research has made the application of piezoelectric elements simpler and more efficient, and industrial manufacturing has also undergone revolutionary changes.