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Why buzzer has noise

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When the sound of the buzzer is not a crisp and simple hum, we will call it a murmur or a broken sound. The cause of the buzzer noise can be divided into two possibilities.

First, there are problems with the way of using:

The voltage to the buzzer is too high: the diaphragm hits other parts inside the buzzer, the part hits and makes a sound

The frequency used is incorrect: the frequency is not set at the rated frequency. For example, the resonant frequency of the product is 2048 Hz, but the user gives 2400 Hz or 2700 Hz. The buzzer is easy to produce abnormal sound.

Second, the buzzer quality is poor:

Diaphragm eccentricity: The diaphragm of the electromagnetic buzzer is “putting” rather than sticking to the bracket, so the diaphragm may run out of the position due to the intense external force, which cause noise.

Intrusion of foreign matter: When assembling the buzzer or when the production line is processed, there is iron powder, and iron filings enter the inside of the buzzer, which may also cause noise.