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Solder joint of buzzer -----time and temperature

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The soldering temperature and soldering time of the buzzer will directly affect the deformation coefficient of the buzzer, thus affecting the buzzer sound. May cause the buzzer sound to become small, no sound, hoarseness, etc.

In order to avoid the above problems, we hope that customers can refer to the soldering process parameter table to ensure the production quality.

Buzzer Soldering Parameter
Soldering process Temp.(℃) Time(Sec.) Times
Inclusive Refolw soldering 230±10 Above 170℃ time 40~70 2
Lead Wave soldering 245±5 3~6 1~2

Manual soldering 330±10 1~2 1~2
Lead Free Refolw soldering 245±15 Above 180℃ time 40~70 3
Wave soldering 260±5 4~8 2~3
Manual soldering 350±10 1~3 2~3

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