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Application of Ultrasonic Sensor in Directional Speaker

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Ultrasound is a mechanical wave with an extremely short wavelength. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength, and small diffraction phenomenon. It can propagate directionally and being reflectet when it encounters obstacles. In nature, bats judge and avoid obstacles by emitting ultrasonic waves and receiving their reflected signals. Humans have also invented ultrasonic sensors, which are widely used in industries, electronics, medical care, artificial intelligence and other fields.

A directional speaker is a loudspeaker device that can control the direction and range of the sound. The audience can only hear the sound if they stand in a specific space and range. The working principle of the directional speaker is to modulate the audio signal onto the ultrasonic carrier to realize the directional propagation of the audible sound.

Before the emergence of directional speakers, we may not have imagined that ultrasonic sensing technology can make the sound that originally spread in all directions spread in one direction like a spotlight. Taking square dancing as an example, the sound from traditional speakers often disturbs residents and causes disputes. After using directional speakers, people outside the specific range will not be disturbed by them. In addition, high-end exhibition halls, museums are also classic places where directional speakers play their role.

Dozens or even hundreds of ultrasonic sensors with strong consistency and high sensitivity are needed to manufacture a directional speaker. As a professional manufacturer of electroacoustic components, Changzhou Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the research and development of ultrasonic sensors. Since its establishment, the company has established cooperation with many directional speaker research and development companies at home and abroad.

At present, the development and application of directional speakers are still in the initial stage. With the increase of public demand, more and more enterprises have set their sights on this field. It is not difficult to imagine that the application of directional speakers will continue to increase in the future. , ultrasonic sensors’ market prospects are also evident.

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