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Application of Ultrasonic Sensor in Intelligent Robot Manufacturing

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The appearance of intelligent robots in life and medical fields will have great economic benefits. In restaurants, they can achieve zero-error food distribution, while in hospitals, intelligent robots can be used to replace doctors to enter the infected area for drug distribution. In addition, unmanned intelligent robots are able to greatly saves labor and improves work efficiency.

The sensors of a robot compete with the eyes of humans. As the eyes of robots, sensors are an important part of robots as they allow the machine to perceive its surrounding environment and avoid obstacles just like humans do. The success of a robot depends on its sensing ability.

As a professional electronic component manufacturer and a provider of acoustic application solutions, Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the field of ultrasonic sensors for ten years. Our products have been widely used in the manufacture of various types of intelligent robots and have been well received by customers.

Ultrasonic sensors are ubiquitous, not only in manufacturing intelligent robots, but also in most aspects of human production and life.

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