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Application of ultrasonic sensor and analysis of advantages and disadvantages

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Ultrasonic sensors are sensors that convert ultrasonic signals into other energy signals, usually electrical signals. It is an important branch of sensor products and accounts for a large proportion in the entire sensor industry. Ultrasonic sensors are widely used such as:

Liquid level measurement: such as measuring the level of factory reservoirs, reservoirs for farmland irrigation, water towers,etc.

Film thickness measurement : such as measuring the thickness of microelectronic films, optical films, anti-oxidation films, giant magnetoresistance films, high-temperature superconducting films, etc.

Distance measurement: It can detect the status of the container and analyze the status of the container, such as full, empty or half full.

Assisted driving: such as reversing radar for parking.

Compared with other types of sensors, ultrasonic sensors have obvious advantages. Firstly, it does not rely on light sources, but on medium in the air to propagate, and it can work stably in the dark without light. Secondly, the ultrasonic sensor has a high measurement accuracy, especially in the measurement of the parallel surface distance. Thirdly, as the ultrasonic sensor measures the position of the object by the reflected wave, so the color or transparency of the measurement object has no effect on it. So the ultrasonic sensor can be used to measure the level of water, transparent plastic products, films and other transparent objects.
Of course, due to its own characteristics, ultrasonic sensors also have some disadvantages. Firstly, ultrasonic sensors do not work in a vacuum environment because sound cannot travel through it. Secondly, too soft material will affect the sensing accuracy, for example, soft fabric will absorb most of the sound waves, so that the sensor is not easy to detect the object. Thirdly, if the object is too small to reflect enough waves, the ultrasonic detector will not be able to detect it. Finally, the shape or position of some objects will cause the sound wave to bounce off the object, which will deviate from the original trajectory.

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