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Common methods of repairing piezo buzzer

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    We have already done some simple analyses on the piezo buzzer, magnetic buzzer, and mechanical buzzer before. In fact, some basic knowledge about them has already been understood. It is essential for us to be damaged during use. If there is no suitable replacement and it is urgent, then could we repair it by ourselves?


This article is mainly aimed at the piezo buzzer, if we have problems during use, we can target to fix the buzzer.


First of all, the piezo buzzer is mainly composed of a piezoceramic sheet, a buck circuit, an oscillating circuit (or music integrated circuit), an auxiliary sound cavity, and lead-out wires. It uses the alternating voltage generated by the electronic oscillation circuit to add to the piezoceramic sheet to make it vibrate, and then emits a loud buzzing sound through the resonance of the auxiliary sound cavity.


Therefore, any part of the circuit failure will definitely cause the buzzer to not sound, and so on. Then some of the more common reasons are:

Breakdown of the buck resistance;

A transistor or integrated circuit is damaged;

The lead of the piezoelectric ceramic piece is broken.


Then we need to check the entire circuit with a multimeter before we actually start repairing, to see if its lead has been broken, if not, then start testing, otherwise, it needs to be reconnected.


Next is to start to check the internal circuit. For example, if it is found that the load component is damaged, we need to replace the components of the same specification and model. Piezoelectric buzzer usually seals the components in a plastic shell, so before repairing, we need to pry open the shell with a knife. Of course, it is necessary to re-seal with glue after repairing. This is mainly to prevent electronic components from getting wet.


In fact, the above analysis is about the general method of repairing the piezo buzzer. Of course, if there are special circumstances, it needs to be determined according to the specific situation. Of course, you can also contact us, no matter what aspect of the piezo buzzer we can help you with our professional knowledge.

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