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What is a mechanical buzzer ?

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What is a mechanical buzzer? 

The mechanical buzzer is a special sub-category of the electromagnetic buzzer, which consists of an oscillator, an electromagnetic coil, a magnet, a casing and etc.

The mechanical buzzer is always with high impedance, DC resistance is infinite, AC impedance is also very large, narrow-band sound device, usually made of piezoelectric ceramics. Need a larger voltage to drive, but the current is very small, just a few mA and the power is also very small.

The mechanical buzzer is an electronic buzzer with an integrated structure, which is powered by a DC voltage and widely used in doll bell, printer,copying machine,alarm,electronic toys,timers and other small electronics equipment.

Unlike ordinary electromagnetic buzzers, the vibrating piece of the mechanical buzzer is mounted on the outer casing, and its frequency is generally low, around 0.5 kHz. The general electromagnetic buzzer is around 2 kHz.


What is the pronunciation principle of mechanical buzzer?


After the power is turned on (as small as 1.2VDC/1.5VDC/3.0VDC, up to 110VAC/220VAC), the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil, causing the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field. Under the interaction of the electromagnetic coil and the magnet, the diaphragm on the outer casing is periodically bridged to emit sound.


The mechanical buzzer is mainly suitable for electric products (boiled eggs, soya-bean milk makers, etc.) to make the warning sounding of electronic products; it is also used for the main components on the repeller. Because it not only emits a frequency of 0.5 kHz but also the entire buzzer is vibrating and can be transmitted to the mouse through the ground to achieve the repeller effect.


 Nowadays, mechanical buzzers are generally active. The active mechanical buzzer contains an audio oscillating circuit. When connected to a DC power supply, it can make a “da da da---” sound with a noticeable vibration.

The characteristic of mechanical buzzer:

1. The mechanical buzzer uses a magnet to move the reed quickly to make a lower beep;

2. Quieter than piezoelectric buzzer, but higher power consumption;

3. If the volume is too loud, just stick a piece of tape on the top hole of the buzzer.

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