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“The Sound Only You Can Hear”--------Directional Speaker

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Noise is a general term for unpleasant sounds. It will not only affect our lives but even do harm to our bodies. In order to prevent noise, there have been experiments on parametric and directional speaker systems since the early 1960s. So, what is a directional speaker?

What is Directional Speaker?

The directional speaker is an innovative acoustic application product integrating directional sound technology. Based on the principle of directional sound technology, the low-frequency sound signal is carried on the high-frequency signal with strong directivity, amplified and projected into the air. According to the propagation characteristics of sound in the air, the high-frequency signal will be quickly filtered out, and the audible signal on the high-frequency signal will be naturally filtered out to realize the directional propagation of sound. At the same time, directional sound technology will control the propagation of sound waves in a specific area. The sound waves in this area are very strong, while the sound waves outside this area will gradually weaken and even be difficult to be recognized by human ears.

Directional Speaker

Difference Between Directional Speaker and Ordinary Speaker

The sound wave propagation mode of ordinary speakers is "domineering", 360 ° all-round expansion, divergent propagation to all directions, and the volume decrease with the increase of distance, and the propagation range is determined by the volume. The volume is large and the transmission range is wide, which is very easy to cause noise nuisance; The volume is small, the propagation range is small, it is easy to be disturbed by ambient sound, and the propagation effect is not obvious.

Difference Between Directional Speaker and Ordinary Speaker

The sound wave of the directional speaker propagates in a fan in the area directly in front of the sound source, with direction and angle. The volume in front of the sound source can reach the highest, and the long-distance propagation volume has almost no attenuation. The specific transmission distance is determined by adjusting the acoustic algorithm according to the application requirements.

The sound wave of the directional speaker propagates in a fan in the area directly in front of the sound source

Directional Speakers Have Many Uses

Exhibition: Integrated directional sound technology realizes intelligent directional voice explanation, forming independent and non-interference sound zones in the exhibition hall so that each work has an independent voice guide.

Directional Speakers use in exhibition

Hospital: Using the pioneering audio solution of directional sound technology, create an independent and quiet audio area in the open space, change the noisy and noisy medical environment in the past, bring a quiet and tidy environmental feeling to patients, comprehensively improve the hospital acoustic environment, improve the overall medical environment and atmosphere of the hospital, and improve the hospital service level.

Directional Speakers use in hospital

Traffic: Directional sound technology can be used with pedestrian running red light system to send directional audio reminder: Be a civilized person and refuse to run red light.

Directional Speakers use in hotels

There are banks, smart homes, hotels, schools, gyms and so on.

Directional Speaker Kit

Pls find the directional speaker kit picture as below:

directional speaker kit

For this directional speaker kit, it used our ultrasonic sensors: MSO-P1040H07T.

You can see the specification:

Ultrasonic sensor MSO-P1040H07T


  • Open Typeand fission use

  • Compact and light weight.

  • High sensitivity and sound pressure

  • Less power consumption

  • High reliability




Center   frequency





-65dB Min

Free Capacitance




Measure   distance


Operating   Temperature


Storage   Temperature




Angle of   sound(-6dB)




Driving   voltage(RMS)


Please refer to the official data sheet for the above functions and specifications. For more information, please contact

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