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UAV and sensor technology used in the World Cup 2022

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On November 20th, the World Cup 2022 began in Qatar. As the host,Qatar put on a wonderful and technological opening ceremony for the world. thousands of UAVs sparkling in the sky, played an impressive aerial show changing a variety of patterns such as the "Hercules Cup, the World Cup Official Emblem, the World Cup mascot, football, and athletes playing football" in the night.

UAV is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control device. It has many advantages such as small size, low cost and also it is easy to use.the research and development of UAV has always been the focus of attention. In China, the UAV market has been developing for nearly 30 years, and the related applications of UAVs have gradually expanded from the military field to the public consumption field, which shows that the recognition and demand for UAVs by public are constantly rising.

In order to flight safely, UAV needs to use a lot of sensing technologies to avoid obstacles. Infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors and visual sensors are most commonly used In UAV manufacturing. It is also called "flying sensor".

Among them, ultrasonic sensor can help the UAV to judge the distance from the body to the ground, keep hovering or land safely.

ultrasonic wave is a mechanical wave with wavelength less than 2cm, which is characterized by high frequency, short wavelength and small diffraction phenomenon. The ultrasound will be reflected when encountering obstacles, the actual distance to the obstacle can be easily calculated by knowing the time difference between transmission and reception.

Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic components and provider of acoustic solutions. They have made great advances in the field of ultrasonic technology research in recent years. The 1040 series sensors developed by the company are widely used in UAV manufacturing. This is an ultrasonic sensor with high resolution, high precision, low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability, which can help UAV to accurately avoid obstacles.

  With the improvement of sensing technology, the UAV market will grow faster in the future.

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