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Application of Sensor technology in automobile manufacturing

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Sensor technology is one of the key technologies supporting the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. With the  expansion of the commercial scale of intelligent vehicles, sensors have became the essential components of almost all vehicles. Cars are able to detect surroundings and blind spots to avoid obstacles with different types of sensors. It is said that an ordinary car needs to be installed about 100 sensors, and luxury cars need more than 200 sensors. Statistics showed that by 2020, the global sensor market scale has reached 160.63 billion dollars.

It is not hard to imagine that intelligent cars will become the mainstream models in the future as intelligent driving technology is developing rapidly. The number of sensors required for intelligent cars will be very large.

Ultrasonic sensors account for a large proportion of all types of sensors. There are two kinds of ultrasonic sensors used on the car, one is the reversing senors used to measure the distance from obstacles in front or behind of the car . The second is installed on the two sides of the car, used to measure the lateral distance during the vehicle driving.

Ultrasonic sensor is characterized by high precision, high sensitivity, strong adaptability and a wide range of uses. in addition, mature production technology and high cost performance are also the important factors for its popularity. At present, the price of ultrasonic sensors is much lower than other types of sensors. According to the calculation of installing 4 ultrasonic sensors in a reversing radar system, the hardware cost may not exceed 20 dollers. The number of sensors on intelligent cars is more, but the total cost is also acceptable. Compared with other types of sensors that often need thousands of dollers, the advantage of ultrasonic sensors is very prominent.

A car often needs ultrasonic sensors of different frequencies to cooperate with each other to work. Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd.  recommends ultrasonic sensor series 1440, 1840, 1458, 1640 with high sensitivity, high precision and low power consumption, they are widely used in the production and manufacturing of various types of vehicles.

With the development of intelligent driving technology, the sales of intelligent cars will increase continuously. As an essential component, ultrasonic sensors still have a huge market space.

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