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Application of Ultrasonic Technology in Liquid Level Measurement

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Ultrasound is a mechanical wave with wavelength less than 2cm, which is characterized by high frequency, short wavelength and small diffraction phenomenon. In industrial production, there are more and more applications of ultrasonic ranging. Among them, ultrasonic liquid level measurement technology is widely used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment, hydrological monitoring and other fields, and it is also the current type of liquid level measurement technology. It is a relatively fast and mature measurement technology.

Ultrasonic liquid level measurement is a simple process. First, the ultrasonic wave is sent from the sensor to the liquid surface. The ultrasonic wave is reflected by the liquid surface and then received by the sensor. Through the time between the transmission and reception of the sound wave, the sensor can calculate how far it is from the surface of a measured liquid.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensors are used to monitor the level of liquids, especially  liquids, high-temperature liquids, and dangerous chemical liquids.

They are installed above the liquid level, so they don't need to directly contact the liquid. Because of this, ultrasonic sensors can be used to measure a wider range of liquids than other types of sensors. They also have strong directivity and slow energy consumption, which means they don't use up as much power or generate as much heat as other types of sensors would. In addition, ultrasonic waves are not affected by weather or light conditions.

Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic components and provider of acoustic solutions. They have made great advances in the field of ultrasonic technology research in recent years, and can provide high-precision, low-consumption and strong anti-interference liquid level measurements that meet industrial production requirements.

The rapid development of science and technology has promoted the high integration of the industry, which also puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of the measurement and control system. Ultrasonic technology in the industrial field has significantly improved production efficiency, saved labor costs, and has broad market prospects.

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