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How to choose a right SMD buzzer

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If you are designing various products (such as home appliances or reliable access control systems, etc.), you should choose a good quality SMD buzzer as the main way to interact with different users. As outlined by, you need to understand and master the parameters of the SMD buzzer before choosing an SMD buzzer.


Rated VoltageSquare WaveV3
Operating VoltageV2-4
Rated CurrentMaxmA110
Min Sound Output at 10cmdB75
Resonant FrequencyHz4000
Coil ResistanceΩ12±3
Operating Temperature-20~+70
Storage Temperature-30~+80
Housing MaterialLCP
Lead Pin MaterialBrass

When buying an SMD buzzer, you should choose the most affordable model. Here you should consider the budget as this is the decisive factor in purchasing. At the same time, you need to choose a reliable device that can confirm the command. This is a proprietary feature that indicates device status, including prompting interactions and alerting. In fact, your SMD buzzer should have various characteristics based on the drive signal. It can also be controlled by the output of the required audio power. You also need to consider your needs. At this point, you only need to select the buzzer according to your needs. You are free to choose the indicator and sensor model. It depends a lot on what you need to hear from the buzzer.

Let's delve into the principle of the SMD buzzer.

When choosing the SMD buzzer, you should also follow the operating principle to make a decision. Here you need to weigh some factors, such as the indicator and its driver circuit (usually built into the device). The device should be simple enough to implement a conventional plug and play mechanism. The SMD buzzer has an indicator, which is provided with the built-in circuit in the device. This feature enhances the flexibility of the buzzer. Although you must enter a DC voltage, because the frequency is internally installed, you can also get a pulsed audio signal. Transducers help you achieve great flexibility, including the use of specific frequencies and waveforms to produce a variety of sounds.

In addition to basic continuous sounds and pulse sounds, you should also be able to produce other sounds such as alarm sounds and prompt sounds. You can also increase the sound pressure level of the buzzer by increasing the device voltage. If you decide to use a full-bridge circuit, you should apply more voltage to the buzzer. When selecting a buzzer, size should also be a determining factor. The user should explain the needs to the manufacturer and have the supplier provide samples. The price should also be discussed.

There are different types of buzzers. SMD is just one of many. When selecting this buzzer, you need to be familiar with its functions. Here we are talking about the key elements of a buzzer. If you do not know the buzzer, you should contact a reliable manufacturer to help you choose the best buzzer.

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