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MANORSHI Electronics Co., Ltd. supplies enclosed ultrasonic sensors, which are mainly used for reversing radar, liquid level detection, proximity switch, etc. Because of its good sealing, it can be used in dust and humid environment, so it is also called waterproof ultrasonic sensor.

The transducers consist of a metal housing with the integral metal diaphragm. They operate at resonance on the first harmonic overtone. The backs of these transducers are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.
Although it is constructed to be watertight, it is not recommended for use underwater.

The enclosed structure ultrasonic sensor is a transceiver. The main diameters are 10mm, 14mm, 16mm and 25mm. The frequency is 40KHz, 48Khz, 58khz, etc.

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Active Type Piezo Buzzer Products

Image Product Name Model Dimension Construction Directivity SPL Using Method Details
// 12V 85dB Piezo Electronic Sound Buzzer MSPS14A40P7.6V12 13.8 * 7.5mm ≥85dB@10cm View detail »
// 90dB 22mm piezo electric buzzer with two wires MSPS22A37W150V5 22.0 * 10.7mm ≥90dB@10cm View detail »
// 90dB 12V 3.5kHz Electronic Active Piezo Buzzer MSPS23A35P15V12 23.0 * 10.0mm ≥90dB@10cm View detail »
// 12v 23mm 95dB buzzer alarm piezo electronic sound buzzer MSPS23B33W100V12 22.5 * 12.0mm ≥95dB@10cm View detail »
// 23mm 85dB dc 12v alarm buzzer MSPS23C29P15V12 23.8 * 16mm ≥85dB@30cm View detail »
// 12V 105dB 3900hz active Piezo Buzzer MSPS30K39P15V12 30 * 20.5mm ≥90dB@10cm View detail »
// 30mm 12V 90dB continuous tone electric buzzer for alarm MSPS30F31W112V12PT 30.0 * 14.0mm ≥85dB@10cm View detail »
// 24V 100dB Wire Buzzer Working Of Piezo Active Buzzer MSPS30H35W100V24CT 29.5 * 24.5mm ≥95dB@30cm View detail »
// 2.9kHz 5-25V 100dB loud sound Piezo buzzer MSPS33A29W70V10 32.5 * 23.1mm ≥100dB@10cm View detail »
// 90db 12v small Long Continous Beep Tone Alarm active piezo buzzer MSPS36B30P14V12FP 36.5 * 33.3mm 90dB/12VDC /30cm View detail »
// 100db Piezo Buzzer Beeper with Circuit MSPS40C30W100V12 40 * 20mm ≥105dB@10cm View detail »
// 24cm DC 12v Piezo Buzzer 85dB Alarm Buzzer For Toy MSPS24C35W160V12 24.0 * 9.5mm ≥85dB@10cm View detail »
// 12V 24V 100dB 105dB Alarm Car Piezo Buzzer MSPS42A28W150V12CT 41.8 * 16mm ≥105dB@10cm View detail »
// 42MM Siren Sound Piezo Buzzer MSPS42BW150V12ST 41.7 * 18.0mm ≥90dB@10cm View detail »
// 80db 43*53mm 220v fast pulse piezo buzzer MSPS43A28P33V220FPT 43.0 * 53.0mm ≥91dB@10cm View detail »
// 12V 90dB 2900hz continuous tone pulse tone Piezo Buzzer MSPS43B29P33V12DT 43 * 33mm ≥90dB@30cm View detail »
// continuous / single 12v piezo buzzer for Home appliance MSPS45A29V12 45.0 * 26.0mm ≥100dB@10cm View detail »