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The implementation of safety technical specifications for e-bikes in China drives the growth of buzzer sales

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China is the world's e-bike production and sales of the first big country. In China, the sales of e-bikes are increasing at a rate of about 30 million per year. This shows that electric bicycle travel has become a mainstream travel mode favored by the Chinese public. But due to incomplete  safety standards, it also brings frequent accidents and traffic management pressure. According to statistics, from 2013 to 2017, the national total of electric bicycle accident cause person casualties of 56200 road traffic accidents, deaths of 8431 people, 63500 people were injured, the direct property loss 111 million yuan.

China's ministry of industry and information technology issued a revised set of safety technical specifications for e-bikes on April 2019. Newly revised specification adds the tamper proof, fireproof performance, flame retardant performance, technical indicators for the protection of the charger, adjust the perfected the speed limit, quality, technical indicators such as pedal cycling ability.

New specifications stipulates that the maximum speed of e-bikes should be less than or equal to 25 km/h. Before that, the maximum speed of most e-bikes in China generally exceeded 35KM/H, and some even exceeded 50KM/H.

The introduction of the new specifications has also made Chinese electric bicycle manufacturers to do upgrade , and pay more attention to product safety and standardization in the production process. At present, many e-bikes in the market already have the function of speed limit prompt. For example, when the running speed exceeds 15KM/H, the bicycle will automatically emit a di diwarning sound to remind the rider to slow down.

This has also driven the product sales of upstream companies related to e-bike. As a electronic component, buzzer is the main component that helps the e-bike to emit the "di di" sound. With the continuous development of the e-bike market and the gradual implementation of the new  safety technical specifications, the market demand for buzzers is also increasing.

Manorshi Electronics Co., Ltd. is an old-fashioned manufacturer specializing in the production of buzzers. Amy, Marketing Director of Manorshi, said: "From 2021 to now, more and more e-bike companies have purchased buzzers, and the amount of orders is also increasing. It shows that the demand for e-bikes is still very strong. Most of the products are customized, which also requires enterprises to have sufficient production experience and technical support to meet the needs of different e-bike brands and different Model installation.

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