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Image Product Name Model Dimension Rated Voltage Frequency SPL Current Operating Voltage Details
// Array Small Water Level Controller Ultrasonic parking sensor US-015 45*20mm View detail »
// 40khz Open Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter And Receiver MSO-A1240H09TR 12 * 9mm ≥115dB View detail »
// Sensor 40khz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducer for UAV MSO-P1640H12T 16 * 12mm ≥115dB View detail »
// The New Tap 20khz Ultrasonic Jammers Sensor MSO-A1620H12T 16*12mm ≥110dB View detail »
// 25khz 24mm Transmitter Ultrasonic Sensor with Pins for Jammer MSO-A2425H14T 25*14mm ≥112dB View detail »
// 40khz Plastic Case Ultrasonic Transducer Long Distance Sensor MSO-P1040H07T 10 * 7mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 16mm Underwater Ultrasonic Transducer 40khz Generator MSO-P1640H12R 16*12mm View detail »
// 20khz 24mm Jammers Ultrasonic Sensor MSO-A2420H14T 24*14mm ≥110dB View detail »
// 40khz Distance Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter MSO-A2440H14T 24 * 14mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 16mm Dog Repellent Ultrasonic Transducer 25khz Detect Sensor MSO-A1625H12T 16*25mm ≥115dB View detail »
// Transmitter And Receiver Open Type Ultrasonic Probe Black Sensor MSO-P1040H07TR 10 * 7mm ≥115dB View detail »
// Ultrasonic Sensor / Probe For Drone Transmit MSO-A1240H09T 12*9mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 114db 40KHz Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer Ultrasonic Sensor MSO-AT1640H10R 16 * 10mm ≥110dB View detail »
// 16 * 10MM Aluminum Case Ultrasonic Transmitter Sensor for Acoustic Levitator MSO-A1640H10T 16 * 10mm ≥110dB View detail »
// 40khz Open Type Ultrasonic Sensors Transmitter And Receiver MSO-A1640H12TR 16 * 12mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 10mm 40kHz Ultrasonic Sensor for Measuring Distance MSO-A1040H07T 10*7mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 16mm*10mm 40kHz Ultrasonic Sensor for TR Transmitting And Receiving MSO-A1640H10TR 16*10mm ≥115dB View detail »
// 23khz Obstacle Detection Transmitter Ultrasonic Sensors MSO-A1623H12T 16*12mm ≥115dB View detail »